UX Design Process


Gain a deep understanding of the project and what stakeholders are trying to accomplish. Meet with key contributors to outline and define target market and project goals.

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User Research

Brainstorming, market research, competition, surveys, user interviews, groups sessions. Generate user personas. Group reseach sessions. User journey mapping.

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Generate ideas through paper and digital wireframing, moodboards, other relevant sites for inspiration.

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Define look & feel of project. Colour pallettes, typography. Desktop, tablet & mobile requirements. Icon sets. Evolve wireframes into digital mockups.

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Put together rapid prototypes using InVision and Zurb Foundation using HTML/CSS/SASS. Gather feedback from stakeholders, team, testers. Evolve designs and user experience based on feedback.

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Meet with development team to discuss and evaluate best technologies to be used to create project. Advise and help create final build of project from a tech and design view.

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Use a combination of quantatitive and qualatitive data to understand friction points for users. User testing and analytics.

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Take feedback and gathered data from users and generate ideas and solutions to improve the user experience. Run sprints to develop and implement solutions quickly.